HMV E-Learning
Sr No Teacher Name Module
1. Miss Preeti Manon

1. 2-D Symmetry Operators 3-D Symmetry Operators By Miss Preeti Manon

2.Laue equations,Reciprocal lattices & its Properties By Preeti Manon

3. Point Group Symmetry, 5-Fold Symmetry By Miss Preeti Manon

4.Detector Material, Principals And Types By Miss Preeti Manon



2. Mrs. Rakesh Uppal

1.Brillouin zones and its construction in two and three dimensions,Structure factor and atomic form factor By Mrs. Rakesh Uppal

2. Crystal Diffraction Bragg’s law,Experimental methods for crystal structure studies By Mrs. Rakesh Uppal

3. Crystal structure, Elements of Symmetry By Mrs. Rakesh Uppal

4. Nuclear Properties, Angular momentum and parity By Mrs. Rakesh Uppal




3. Mrs. Saloni Sharma

1. Reciprocal lattices of SC, BCC and FCC, Bragg’s law in reciprocal lattice By Mrs. Saloni Sharma

2. Crystal Planes & Miller Indices, Diamond & NaCl Structure By Mrs. Saloni Sharma

3.Crystal System & SC, BCC, FCC, HCP By Mrs. Saloni Sharma

4. LASERS By Mrs. Saloni Sharma (Dec 2018)

5. X-rays By Saloni Sharma (Dec 2018)

6. THE Power electronics devices




4. Ms. Simmi Garg



2. Interaction of Radiation with Matter

3. Crystal Diffraction

4. Crystal Structure